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A textile machinery standard included in the 2018 national intelligent manufacturing standard system construction guide 2018-04-27
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Industry News1 2011-04-16

   ZHEJIANG YUEJIAN INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, the company has won the famous brand in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Provincial industry's largest companies, national key high-tech enterprises, and "the more the sword" brand is well-known trademarks in China, sales of 1000 million in 2018

The company has more than 20 years history of manufacturing textile machinery and strong technical force, independent design, development, production capacity of advanced textile machinery, the main products are: YJ1000V / M series of high-speed textured, YJ-1000DS plus high-speed dual-spindle playing machine, YJ-1200A high-speed nylon filament textured, YJ950 series of high-speed textured, YJ800MLB series of high-speed coated textured, YJ800DC series of high-speed textured (300D thick wire), YJ800DS series of high-speed folded textured, YJ800D High-speed textured, YJ800M series of high-speed textured (textured series was rated as Zhejiang famous brand), YJ800V series of high-speed textured, YJ800VD series of high-speed textured, YJ868 series of high-speed...                    
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